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Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box

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Mystery box! PLEASE READ.

Just getting into crystals and don’t know where to start? Want to chance the unknown and see what we pick out to head your way?

Try our curated mystery boxes! Three different sizes! Guaranteed crystals the value or more of what you pay!

Some things you could receive: towers, tumbles, palms, polished, raw, moons, freeforms, and more!

Small $15: guaranteed 3 or more small crystals
Example: a small tumble and two small towers

Medium $25: guaranteed 3-4 or more crystals, some small, some medium
Example: a medium tower, a tumble, a mini sphere, and a small tower

Large $40: guaranteed one or more medium crystals or one carving, and 3 or more small to medium sized
Example 1: an agate moon, a medium tower, and two tumbles
Example 2: a medium sphere, medium tower, mini tower, and a tumble

XL: $100: guaranteed over $100 in crystals. From a mix of sizes; tumbles to large pieces. You can specify if you prefer a couple larger pieces or a mix of small- medium.

DISCLAIMER: Photo shown is NOT what you will receive, just an example. Example shows a medium box due to the selenite charging plate. Otherwise, without that, it would be representative of a small box.